Unity developments?

Just wondering if there have been any new developments with the community-supported Unity Desktop? Is there a PPA where I can help test new developments? Unfortunately I can’ contribute any code back into the project but I’m willing to help in any other way I can. I tried MATE’s new “Mutiny” theme but I found it lacking.


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Yes. Community-supported development is ongoing. But atm, we lack the manpower required. I have few merge requests pending for cosmic.
You can help testing by adding unity7-desktop ppa.

But don’t add the ppa now. First, I need to update it. I will happen this weekend. Try adding the ppa after that.

Thanks for your help.

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What’s the difference between using this PPA vs the one in the universe repo?

What can people do to help besides that?
What major things need to be done?
What skills are needed to contribute?

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Okay, I’ve added the ppa and did the upgrade. So far don’t see any real differences (testing on Bionic 18.04.1) and I-Nex still reports it as Unity 7.5.0

See unity bugs on trello

Good in c, c++, python. Some experience in any Gnome projects or in Unity/Compiz.