Unity Development Roadmap

There are some persons who would like to work quietly and in a focused environment.

Here are the three questions the TB has aksed of us:

  • Which source packages in the archive are you proposing that this package
    will maintain as part of this flavor? Which source packages are you relying
    on others to maintain?

  • Does your team have an existing track record of uploading to the Ubuntu
    archive those packages that you will be maintaining? Which source packages, and which members of your team? Are the members of your team who have done these uploads committed to carrying this work forward? (To be specific: I see several members on your team who are Canonical employees and may be emotionally invested in the project, and have uploaded these packages in the past when they were maintained by Canonical; but this does not necessarily mean they are personally committed to shouldering this work going forward.)

  • Who on your team has upload rights to the packages in this set? Who are you proposing should have upload rights?

A lot of this is dealt with in the wiki. Khurshid is working on the sponsorship aspect and upload rights with others on the team … so there will be a few more nips and tucks before we can do an actual build on Canonical server and get a mix into the QA tracker.


Yunit team forked Unity 8 out, and are independent, so whether they succeed, or not the result is their own. They answer for themselves. No one at Ubuntu wants/needs Unity 7. So, the idea is to fork Unity 7 out and be independent. Ubuntu is not a community distro, but a business. The (paid) developers have to work for the pay. Who would work against what’s bringing in the paycheck?

Somewhat off topic; considering that Ubuntu is based on buster/sid, I installed Debian buster/sid and Gnome on it. I’ve been testing it for few days, updating everyday. No problems whatsoever. That’s far as I’m going to check on Gnome-shell.

That is very far from the truth.

We don’t expect them to work for free for the development service they are providing.

This is conjecture and not factually correct from a community aspect. This kind cynicism is counter-productive to recruiting for the team we are trying to build. If you disagree with me then I invite you again to sign the CoC and I would gladly pass along recruiting duties to you.


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