Unity Development Roadmap

I thought the plan was to switch apps pretty much wholesale from GNOME to MATE (so as to be able to use traditional menus without having to patch GNOME apps), which means we’d be using Caja as the Files application, rather than Nemo?

The artful stack will not work in the 18.04 base.

N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied. See apt-secure(8) manpage for details.
E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/nemo3/ubuntu bionic Release' does not have a Release file.
N: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.
N: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.

We will be using a mate patch to allow us to use nautilus without breaking. Nemo is just up for discussion. We were thinking to test it for 18.10. So we are just trying different things and monitoring the situation.

I know about Alin Andrei’s ppa. I thought you contacted him. Alin had been making ppas for quite a while. Webupd8 (his) website had not posted since end of August this year. Not much is happening in other Ubuntu “related” websites for a long time, since the last “revelation.”

No … I am discussing with another dev. but thats the site. We might have to wait till January until things start rolling but I just want to keep progressive about all the options. One thing for sure … it’s not going to be boring :slight_smile:

Since the “last revelation”, most of such websites stopped posting. There are (were) 2 such really good websites (noobslab and webupd8), which were frequented by a lot of users before, now practically none. The owners practically don’t write now. A lot of ppas came from them, and they were always up to date. It was nice to use/play with Ubuntu with those ppas. There was a massive amount. Today, nothing much (new) is coming out. The interest is gone. I don’t see many people here too.

@chanath The decline in interest by some developers, users, and websites is off-topic for this thread.


The nemo3 package or any other package in webupd8team’s ppas are not available for bionic (yet). You change bionic to artful, in the needed ppa’s .list file, you might install the needed package. That’s all there’s to it (today).

mac4man has the right method. thank you for your time but please leave this one to mac4man … umm… I am trying to be conservative as possible here because i do not want to flood or spam with new ISO remixes. You guys asked me to recruit mac4man so please let him work with me in the other forum until I get a better understanding .



Yes I agree… no matter what our sentiments, we have to move forward and stay focused. Gauging near mid-winter activity on boards and forums is hardly reliable scientific data and not topical to development roadmap.

Well, I didn’t know it is mc4man on this. Good that he is in. You mentioned webupd8 in post 22, so my (unnecessary (?)) comments. Alin is the original creator of that ppa. That’s about all on this.

I never said that Chanath.

Thats not the point … but … Ok … thanks for the reminder.


If he is not in, too bad. If you want to keep Unity going, you (or the team) have to learn how to maintain/develop Compiz. If Compiz fails, Unity would die. What is the window manager of Ubuntu 16.04 or 17.04?

Nemo or Nautilus is not the main problem. There are so many other file managers around. The thing is to find out how that DE was created, whether you (the team) can create it from scratch (mc4man).

This was all discussed at the TB meeting. We are taking a positive approach to deal with this. You must be talking about the Maintenance Roadmap.

These are some concepts Khurshid and I discussed for 18.10. We are not going back to square one. No need to. So no need to panic atm and it’s not really open for debate.

Doesn’t matter, what words we use, development or maintenance. It is just that, no Compiz, no Unity. The guys at TB was not that keen, I believe on keeping Unity alive.

TB had a right to be concerned about commitment to the project and to that end they did their job well. Again , I appreciate your insights on this. There a lot of persons who echo your sentiments, but, this, however, is not open for debate in these echos. As a team member you should be helping us move forward and not pastwards. So this development roadmap is a hypothetical looking forwards to how we can enhance unity in future cycles and the current cycle.


I’m telling what has to be done; maintain and develop compiz. Unity is a compiz plugin, so without compiz Unity would die. I can’t code, so all I can say is what I notice. It can live without Nautilus, Caja or Nemo, and without all those apps shipped default, but can’t live without Compiz.

This is already being taken care of. You are repeating what was already made apparent at the TB meeting.

The difference matters very much. Compiz is already a developed compositor (program) that needs maintenance, not a maintenance program that needs development. I had mentioned in some of the threads that we could perhaps port unity to wayland! Now that would be a development project that would need a lot of maintenance how ever far fetched the idea may be.

One of the ways I am trying to tackle this is to get committed persons to code and do maintenance. If I have 10 persons committed to 4 hours a week then that is one utility 40 hour volunteer work week, not only in theory , but, in practice. So far we are doing quite well. This will give developers, who are committed to other projects, more freedom to offer assistance and do bug triaging in the background and others may be attracted to this type of working template where they are not bound in the chair for 30 hours a week (I am currently doing 20+ hours but I can take timeouts for two days at a time and work when it is convenient, mostly in the wee hours, and burn the midnight oil.

So this building of the team is not going to happen overnight. It’s one day at a time. This is a community project that consists mostly of volunteers and is receiving a lot of valued guidance from Canonical persons and for that I am grateful, no matter what the outcome. We don’t want to have a case of “compizitis” meaning that we have to focus all our efforts on compiz. There are other components that need love and attention as well, the new X11 for example! Our priority is to stay focused and stay positive. We do not want potential contributors to be turned off by a constant and negative mindset that scandalizes the current default DE, gnome3+wayland, and wails over the keelholing of the unity8+convergence project. I am confident that our mindset as a team, from testers to wiki editors to devs to critiques will prevail over such negativity and we will succeed in giving something beautiful back to the community, that, which Canonical has so freely given us.



Maybe, I am not reading every single post, so I don’t know about TB taking care of this. As far as I know, TB is not interested in Compiz. If I remember correctly, TB asked if you know how to maintain Compiz. I don’t think there’s anyone maintaining Compiz at Cannonical. Maybe, just keeping an eye on it, until 16.04 eol comes about. Its just business.