Unity 7 Theme Ideas and Concepts

@rs2009 I just tested your iso on my laptop (it works almost flawlessy… I will report a couple of minor bugs just to polish the final release). I also tried the Yarunity theme from Gnome-look.org. It’s almost perfect: we only need some tweaks for the indicator icons in the top panel. I wish we could use Humanity indicators in Yarunity theme. Is anyone able to change that?


Yes I noticed that also. Yaru is missing those icons and defaults are being shown. I’m certain the icons are there in a different name. Perhaps we could locate those icons and get Yaru to fix them upstream?

Or maybe the indicators themselves could be patched to reference other icons that would load in Yaru and other themes.

Wow, It looks great!

Here’s the slightly updated version of the icon I made earlier.

It’s not yet finalized to be a system icon, but can be used for anything and any purpose.



Honestly, that looks great!!! :+1: :heart_eyes:

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Hi, just want to share a really nice theme I’m using for Unity right now: A modified Mint Y theme with Flatabulous title buttons. Icons are from Ultra-Flat-Icons.

This is the dark version:

I really loved the Flatabulous theme back in 14.04 and 16.04, but it’s not maintained anymore, so I tried to replicate it using the Mint Y theme from Linux Mint. It turned out quite nice, I guess.