Unity 7 Continuation - Call for Developers and Supporters!

I checked out the links. Very impressive, Already have an experimental ISO :slight_smile:

Cariboo also had suggested I set up a site at wordpress (budgie remix) but I am not going to outright commit to do that atm and do all the maintaining of that site. My intentions about unity9 are that I will make some tweaks/ artwork etc… to an existing ISO, say 17.10 or 16.04. Perhaps in a few weeks. If somebody else is rolling along with the same idea as I concurrently then that is just fine also. So this is good discussion, Your enthusiasm, links and research… appreciated.


Don’t need wayland … yes, … I realize that.


Thanks for all the info chanath!
I think the thing I see brought up most in the Unity_Revival threads is everyone wants to get involved but all have different talents to contribute. So my big question is what is the most valuable skill needed for creating your own flavor? Is it just testing the crap out of an iso some one keeps spinning up?

My guess is in this case Canonical have already developed the foundation, we just need to keep it rolling.

The other thing it sounds like is we need some leadership, is it everyone falling under one leader who pulls the trigger puts together a website and names the project, or can this grow naturally from the Ubuntu forums and say a democratic team ‘owns’ the project, webpages, et al?

I’m new to the inner workings of distro’s so I would love to know what has succeeded most often in the past. Thoughts?

If the team is going to do anything on preserving Unity 7 and create Uubuntu (or whatever name), the team has to form itself, elect a leader, create a web site, and get on with creating a distro. And, discuss the matter there.

Forget the Ubuntu Forums – It cannot grow there as the mods get pretty jittery, when they hear Unity 7.

By the way, Ubuntu GNOME didn’t do either of those before it became an official flavor. Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Budgie did establish web sites in advance.

As for naming, you need to get permission from Canonical Legal before using any name similar to or containing the word Ubuntu. Not sure if the name was intended seriously or not, but Uubuntu in particular is very unlikely to be approved (in my opinion) and is extraordinary confusing when spoken.

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Hey Jeremy,

If you have been following the whole thread (and previous thread at ubuntuforums) the word (Uubuntu) was a only a proposed name I presented based on the hypothetical that Ubuntu Unity would become an official flavor. I stated time and time again that this would not happen without Canonical’s help or approval. I created the unity7 maintainers team as an adjunct to create impetus to have unity7 available in the 18.04 universe and to continue to test it (unity-session) during this cycle with founder’s approval! If there is enough community support (which at current is a small group of very experienced developers and testers) and testing goes forward and there are no major problems and unity-session is stable then the team(s) can go forward and initiate the process of having unity7 adopted as an official flavor.

As captain of the U+1 team I have also stated time and again that the focus of U+1 is to test the current default template of GNOME3+wayland default along with the other official flavors. I have no control over what the members do or how they test the different variants of Ubuntu so there would also be a lot of dependency on QA tracker as a data pool for devs- .( And that team has done remarkable work)


The current template of U+1 is run on a meritocracy and not a democratic election and so will the unity7 maintainers team run with Khurshid as the acclaimed team leader. If the current members of unity7 maintainers want to have an election or Khurshid decides he wants to have an election then that is up to the team. I have explained the situation to you in a very clear, succinct and explicit manner as far as the unity7 maintainers team is concerned. If you wish to start you own webpage or your own effort at a remix then you know you are totally free to do so. If you would like to join the unity7 maintainers team (as I had advised you how to do) then you are also welcome to do that - I in no way want to inhibit you from carrying on with unity7 boosting campaign. I just want to make it clear that - at this current time- that is not the current story board that U+1 or unity7-maintianers team is following.


Well, I said Uubuntu (or whatever name)…

Ubuntu Mate and Budgie still have their own websites. https://ubuntu-mate.org, https://ubuntubudgie.org/

If they didn’t become official derivatives, that is, were not invited in, they would’ve become hard-to-beat competitors. Kylin also had to become an official derivative, as it is different and China has a massive population.

Zorin, which concentrated only on Gnome and Zorin additions had become a competitor. Zorin was created by two teenage Irish boys 8 years ago, and they stayed focused. Everyone knows about Mint too.

If you are saying as U+1, the Ubuntu Development Version forum, then the Ubuntu Forums are out. We don’t talk about Unity 7 there. Some members had already declared that they won’t post there any more. I have a Gnome-shell 18.04 install with my own extensions and the bottom panel, but would not also post any “happenings” with it there. That is, if “the focus of U+1 is to test the current default template of GNOME3+wayland default along with the other official flavors,” I’m out.

If you or Khurshid or the team would not come out with a Ubuntu Unity 7 live installable distro based on Ubuntu 17.10, or even 18.04 Dev, the whole story about an Ubuntu Unity7 derivative would stay… just a story. There is nothing for the eventual Unity 7 users to download and try.

Uh… excuse me … but we have unity-session in the 18.04 universe!!

But again … you are source mining your comments…

…so you’re current presentations of the facts are mere conjecture… When I get something together, perhaps after Christmas, I’ll bring the idea to the team. In the meantime you are welcome to create your own initiative, your own story so to speak. The team is just volunteers… it’s one day at a time eh…


You had read the mission statement from U+1. We try to test the current dev cycle. We were asked to show as much love to GNOME3+wayland as we did to unity7 while it was default. I have signed the CoC and with that come certain responsibilities and commitments. My work behind the scenes with unity7/9 iso is not topical to the thread. You have to understand the difference between maintenance and development. The project as a whole is larger than any one person.

If they don’t post on Ubuntu forums, can we ask them to post here? This website is relatively new and not many are aware of it. May be we should declare that on Ubuntu forum too? That way any discussion about the website or anything Unity related can happen in a single place. If we get enough community support, a separate website with separate dedicated forum is a certainly a possibility.

There will be a live iso to install. That’s the idea. I checked the current experimental iso, which works well with few problems. But it can be polished.

The name could be as simple as Ubuntu Unity . That’s it.

Ubuntu Unity is an elegant operating system. Ubuntu Unity comes with Unity, which is a stable and easy to use Desktop Environment.

I have made a proposal to Vertical in Ubuntu Forums. For now I’ll stick here for any developments on U7 Continuation Project.

We can PM them.

Glad to hear this! Start one, with or without community support. The community would gather around it.

You are good at coding, Dale too. Other guys would join in time.


Could you please verify which ISO you are using?


That is great news everyone. I was getting worried we were stuck on talking vs assembling a team in some manner. Again I’m new to these inner workings of projects :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on when an ISO is available for testing and where communication is going on. What’s the step before forum? IRC or Slack channel? Website might make more sense when there is something to share but I’ll leave that to the leadership.

Looking forward to this! Thanks guys for all the efforts you’ve already put in.

I don’t think you’ll get any of those that said the wouldn’t post in the U+1 Development sub-forum here, because they don’t like some of the participants in this thread.



Ubuntuforums is well aware of the existence of this forums and some of them do post here , me included. As far as a separate website, I do not think it is time yet to do so. If you recall , some of our discussion was to be able to make unity7 stable for those who may upgrade from a unity install from 16.04 or 14.04 or cycles in between. I am not against this progress but if Poster Chanath continually suggests that we build web-page for unity dev then he should build it.

We can post help requests and bugs on unity-session during the 18.04 development cycle but U+1 only deals with official flavours and so we cannot refer to unity7 as a desktop that is officially in development and being supported by Canonical. However if Canonical does bless unity7 as an official distro then that certainly would be half the battle. :slight_smile:

so please see this thread here which is open at the moment: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2372237&page=7&p=13707793#post13707793


Contacted the link and requested permission for distribution remix for Unity.


I have answered your question at ubuntuforums link where you left proposal.

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I am using your iso. I know @chanath also created one, But I haven’t checked that one. Will do.