Unity 7 Continuation - Call for Developers and Supporters!

Have you read the Wiki?
Here is my Ubuntu People space: https://people.ubuntu.com/~nick-athens30





The 'Name' field from https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+edit


Any valid RSA keys from https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+sshkeys



Base URL


SSH Fingerprint


so I don’t get what I am doing wrong here… I put my username in from launchpad and I get 404 error.

You have to activate the Ubuntu People space. Easily by create and upload an ssh key to your Launchpad account.
Wait a few hours and then you should be able to login following the Wiki instructions.

I have ssh and RSA key.

I’ll try somthing…

OK. Then try to connect via Nautilus, with sftp

Do you mean sftp://people.ubuntu.com/~username/ because I did and it bumped me with an error and access denied…

From Nautilus,
Connect to server: sftp://dale-f-beaudoin@people.ubuntu.com


Sorry. it’s been a while since I ftpeed anything :slight_smile:

So it has me locked out for now … says try again later.

I will try again later.


Tell me something I cannot understand. Is this your Launchpad account ?

If it is, why I cannot see any Ubuntu Membership ?

Yes thats me.

I don’t get it. You have to be a member to have edit access to the wikis. I’ll PM cariboo. Maybe I got expired;)

I think I found what is happening here. When you applied for Ubuntu Membership you gave another Launchpad account, right? This one: Dale Beaudoin in Launchpad
You have to use this account to gain the Ubuntu People space. Upload an ssh key and wait a few hours to be activated. Then try again, this time sftp://twocamels@people.ubuntu.com

Wow … you got to be kidding… elfin and popey did a workaround on that about 2 years ago when they were listing the wiki editors.

Ok // I’ll get back on that later… thanks nick, You have been a great help.

This may has been done only for the Wiki. Not other services.

Basically, as you can see, the Ubuntu People space is already activated on the other account.

Just upload an ssh key.

I’m waiting for the ISO :slight_smile:

If you have problems with the space limit (soft quota is 1GB), send an email to rt@ubuntu.com explaining the reasons you want to extend the quota. IMHO you won’t get a negative answer.

Uploaded key to twocamels. Lots of rigamarole with SSO. Somthing I have to work on. I will wait till activated and try again in the morning…


Here is link to ubuntu-unity-amd64.iso


The only test I can think of now is if you do a hard install, see if it will exit and complete properly. You may have to wait a few extra seconds at the end until it notifys to remove USB and press enter to restart.

No special modification. Everything upstream that is developed on 18.04 will roll into this installation.

Thanks to everyone here!! We all did this together. What an awesome community in action!




Thank you Nick,

This all worked out very well.


thank you Mr. WillCooke

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I for one, would be profoundly interested in sticking with Unity 7 until I am dead or it is no longer feasible for people to maintain it. Loving it on 16.04. Plan to continue using it on 18.04. Used Xfce for years before Unity, but when I started using HiDPI displays, I found that Unity had the best support for them OOTB than all the other DEs I tried (and I tried them all). It is also a no-fuss DE that has some unique features by default which you cannot find properly implemented on others (global menu, workspace switching, and window spread for starters). I get all my work done in this environment, and it’s a pure joy to work with. Hope you devs keep gaining traction!


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