Unity 7 call for Artwork

We could use a new login screen theme.

Doe anyone have any input on how they think a login screen could add some style to the unity theme? it would have to be Ubuntu-Unity 18.04 for now .


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We will still use traditional plymouth in the .ISO I think it is best to go with the flow during this maintenance cycle for now .


For lightdm we can’t change the Unity-Greeter’s appearance unless we poke into the code or make a new one. But we can make it look good by using a proper wallpaper fixing the badges/logo , installing unity-greeter-badges etc.

This one looks interesting to me

Lightdm with Unity greeter, which is/was standard Ubuntu. If the distro would have the name Ubuntu in it why change the login screen? Let plymouth be the same, with ubuntu name in it. Only keep all Wayland, Xwayland stuff out. Unity7 is all Xorg.

Also, if/whether gnome-shell is going work with Unity7 is of no value.

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Charmander concept had beautiful login screen:


Reminds me of SDDM with Breeze theme.

It’s not about the wallpaper. That will change with user’s choice. We need to beautify and arrange buttons. There is a log in box which we can make as stretched elliptical, possibly add " view password " options as in Windows in the login box etc

Then, we can arrange the buttons nicely, if possible with new set of icons for sleep, shutdown, restart etc in the login screen.

Agreed about the Lightdm with the Unity Greeter mainly to please the folks who will be upgrading from 16.04. I think we should think about them before thinking about changing from Xorg to Wayland, but that’s another topic for another time.

I guess a switch to slick-greeter wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s maintained by the Linux Mint guys and already in the Ubuntu repos. They also have a settings app for slick-greeter.

I think it would have to be Ubuntu Unity Remix, for less confusion.

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I specifically applied for Ubuntu Unity 7 Desktop Experience and the caveat ‘ubuntu-unity’ so we wouldn’t have to distribute a ‘Remix’ but if it comes down to this , that the wording may be more coherent and comprehensive, then I am open to it, of course, I would have to agree.


Absolutely no problem by me. I know this is the name we will adopt and I absolutely agree.
I just wanted to point out, beacause are early days still, if someone comes from 16.04 he might be confused that this is the official Ubuntu Desktop.
At least until it becomes an official flavor, using of the word Remix could avoid such confusion.

I totally agree. I am still awaiting word from technical board. As pointed out to me by several - it is usually the 9 month cycle being handed down … but I guess we will just have to wait an see.