Unity 7.6 stable release

The stable version of Unity 7.6 has been released! :tada: It’s the first major release of Unity since 16.10 and includes support for changing the accent color :art: and theme from Unity Control Center and a redesigned UI :computer: besides other improvements. It’s been released as an update for all existing Ubuntu Unity 22.04 users.




Great job, thank you for your effort! :grinning:

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Will it be kept “Ubuntu only” or has any work started on porting it to other distros.
Also will it be up-streamed to ubuntu?

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Thank you so much. Love how you manage to stay true to the classic looks while modernizing carefully.



Ubuntu Unity desktop back from the dead after several years’ hiatus, Thanks to Linux wunderkind Rudra Saraswat, not Canonical, this time


The Fedora port for Unity 7.6 is being worked on by gnat, and I’m doing it myself for Arch.


Any idea why the Firefox launcher keeps on disappearing every time it updates?

Hello @rs2009, thank you very much for your contribution. I have found some more bugs to work on, mainly:

  1. calendar sync not working well, when enabled indicator-datetime blinks.
  2. bluetooth not working as it should, it kinda connects, but sharing files is impossible, for this to work you have to use Blueman
    Also another question: Can this project be pushed to upstream of the official Unity PPA, why not? Or can some of the maintainer bug fixes be pushed?

I tried both ubuntu Unity from the universe and the packages from the PPA. It seems that gtk3-nocsd is completely broken. The version from universe is doing nothing (except the black borders around the gnome-calculator).
The version from the PPA is fixing gedit, gnome-calculator and nautilus but it is breaking a lot of other apps:

  1. The csd header bar in gnome maps is missing so the app is unusable
  2. The gnome sound recorder can’t be closed because the title bar is not visble with the PPA version of the gtk3-nocsd
  3. The title is doubled on the nautilus file properties window (on the title bar and on the csd header bar)
  4. The PPA version is complied against the latest glib version. Most of the snaps are using core 18 (Ubuntu 18.04) and this creates incompatibility. Some apps like the Powershell can’t even start. Alltough it is a cli application which runs inside the gnome-terminal it is not possible to run it even from the terminal when the gtk3-nocsd packge is installed from the PPA
    I decided to take another approach. I removed completely the gtk3-nocsd package. The CSD apps can’t be fixed anyway. The only thing that was driving me crazy was the fact that the close/minimize/maximize buttons were doubled when an app is shown on fullscren.
    I stealed some css from the gnome-shell unite extension to fix this. Whith this code the buttons are removed from the CSD when an app is shown on fullscreen.
    I also managed to fix the drop shadows around some apps like gnome-system-monitor and gnome-disks also with css. Also fixed the pie colors in the nautilus properties window for removable drives. So most of the graphical issues are fixed with css.
    Of course the csd apps can’t be fixed perfectly (no title bar when they are in windowed mode) but this is the only remaining issue.
    I decided to stay with the universe version of Unity because I can’t see any big improvements in the PPA version except the ability to select the color accent in the system settings.
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