Unenable to Enable Kubeflow


I’m trying to eable Kubeflow on microk8s (single machine installation) but I got an error:

Is the following:

# sudo microk8s.enable kubeflow
Enabling dns...
Enabling storage...
Enabling dashboard...
Enabling ingress...
Enabling metallb:
Waiting for DNS and storage plugins to finish setting up
Kubeflow could not be enabled:
error: timed out waiting for the condition on deployments/coredns

Command '('microk8s-kubectl.wrapper', 'wait', '--for=condition=available', '-nkube-system', 'deployment/coredns', 'deployment/hostpath-provisioner', '--timeout=10m')' returned non-zero exit status 1
Failed to enable kubeflow

==> Some command:

# sudo microk8s status
microk8s is running
dashboard: enabled
dns: enabled
gpu: enabled
ingress: enabled
metallb: enabled
metrics-server: enabled
storage: enabled
cilium: disabled
fluentd: disabled
helm: disabled
helm3: disabled
host-access: disabled
istio: disabled
jaeger: disabled
knative: disabled
kubeflow: disabled
linkerd: disabled
prometheus: disabled
rbac: disabled
registry: disabled

sudo snap find microk8s
Nom       Version  Auteur      Notes    Résumé
microk8s  v1.18.4  canonical✓  classic  Lightweight Kubernetes for workstations and appliances

I have a free space disck.
Someone can help please ?

Thanks in advance.

This looks like a technical support request; is it?

This site is for the co-ordination of the Ubuntu project(s), discussing documentation changes, and specific Ubuntu sub-projects, but not support. For Ubuntu Support options, please have a look at https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/709