Unable to upgrade a laptop to 24.04

The Lenovo laptop has 23.10 fully updated till right now. I tried to do

sudo do-release-upgrade -d or with the --devel-release

and nothing happened, it only outputs

Checking for a new Ubuntu release
Upgrades to the development release are only 
available from the latest supported release.

I also checked the /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file and it is in normal mode set.

What could be causing this laptop to not be able to update to the development version for testing?

I wouldn’t even do anything with 24.04 at the moment. Due to the time_t64 transition among other things, there’s a lot that is broken right now. I’d be surprised if upgrades worked for anyone.

That said, this is absolutely not the place to ask this kind of question as it falls under help/support which isn’t allowed here (you’re told this TWICE when signing up).

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