UbuntuOnAir Week of November 15

We have three days of great UbuntuOnAir content coming up this week!

Tuesday, 16 November, Yannick Mauray will chat with another Canonicaler - in this case, it’ll be me! We’ll chat about how we both got started with Ubuntu MATE, and who knows, there might even be some hard questions, like nano or vim? The stream will start at 12:30 PM Pacific/3:30 PM Eastern/8:30 PM UTC/9:30 PM CET.


Wednesday, 17 November, Diogo Constantino, host of the Ubuntu Portugal Podcast, has his first community stream! He’ll introduce us to the Ubuntu and Flutter communities in Portugal, and give us an overview of Flutter itself. The stream will start at 1:30 PM Pacific/4:30 PM Eastern/9:30 PM UTC/10:30 PM CET


Thursday, 18 November, in a Community Spotlight, I sit down with middle-school teacher Stu Keroff and 11 of his Penguin Corps - a group of students in 5th to 8th grade who install Linux on donated laptops, loan them to classmates in need, and provide support. Get to know this amazing educator and some of the next generation of the Ubuntu Community! The stream starts at 10:45 AM Pacific/1:45 PM Eastern/6:45 PM UTC/7:45 PM CET


Please put any questions or comments for the stream in your replies here. As usual, we always dual stream on our Twitch channel!