UbuntuOnAir Topic Proposals

During today’s UbuntuOnAir we had so many great suggestions for future UbuntuOnAir topics! If you weren’t able to tune in, we’d like to list the proposals and ideas in this post. It’s a Wiki, so not only can you add suggestions, you can also help us edit and categorize them. We will also be revamping the UbuntuOnAir Wiki page and this way, people can easily help us shape the page before we edit in MoinMoin - which is a very, very, very good thing!

Ubuntu On Air Topic Suggestions

  • Gaming
    • Gaming On Linux Challenge (get an old game running in an hour)
  • QA skills
    • Bug Walk Through On Launchpad Before Testing Week
    • What info do developers need from users re: bugs
    • Find excellent bug reports from launchpad and pin them for the community
    • ISO Testing Walkthrough
  • Visual Content Creation
    • DaVinciResolve
    • Ardour
    • Blender tutorial (Ryan Gorley from freehive)
  • Audio
    • Audacity
    • Pipewire
    • JACK
    • Marcus Tomlison as a possible guest
  • Documentation and Support
    • How to update a page on the Ubuntu Wiki (non-scary)
    • What to do when you find stale or missing documentation
    • How to get involved with the Ubuntu Weekly News
    • Ask good questions and answer questions well in AskUbuntu
    • More about Canonical and Community roles in Ubuntu
  • App development and packaging
    • Flutter app development
    • Highlight community-created apps and useful, well-made scripts
    • LXD for development on desktop
  • Ubuntu/Linux 101 (beginner)
    • Short 1-3 minute engagement/educational videos
    • Noob level systemd tutorials, with an intro to systemd
    • Intro to the file system in Unix
    • Dispelling misinformation/Ubuntu mythbusters
    • Multiple user system with more insight on users and groups with understanding for security
    • Better Bash scripting
    • Backup strategies and apps! Deja-dupe, etc.
    • Nextcloud instance tutorial
    • GPG key maintenance
    • Control system programmaticaly for apps - check wifi status, etc

Uncategorized and New Suggestions (please help categorize them!)