UbuntuOnAir Discussion: Do You Want to Build a Kernel

Please use this post to ask any questions or discuss the stream from December 14 2021, where @arighi shows @yannick-mauray how to build a microkernel! Any resources used in the stream will also be listed here.


PastaOS source code so far: https://github.com/arighi/pastaos

It’s going to be improved…


Hello, and happy new year, everyone!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, with the urge to write a Linux kernel, only to realize you don’t how to do it? Well, I’ve got you covered. Join @arighi and myself, Jan. 11, 8:30 PM UTC, on the UbuntuOnAir channels (twitch and YouTube) for a second round of live kernel programming!


All the source code of the previous stream is available here:

I’ll keep pushing to this repo/branch all the code produced in the next episode(s). :slight_smile:


I also pushed the code that we wrote in episode 2 and I’ve also created tags (one for each episode) so we can keep track of the progresses that we make in each episode.

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