Ubuntu Welcome application concept

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a small concept for an ubuntu welcome application in Flutter I am going to try to write myself (everyone is still allowed to contribute!) Here is what it looks like, with my bad handwriting:

The pages are as follows: Introduction, Getting Started, Recommendations, Community, Store, Gaming, Opportunities, Personalize, Get Involved, Donate. The top is a language selector dropdown menu (where it says Welcome to Ubuntu/Language: will cycle through languages so all can read it). Then, Ubuntu rolls in the middle and options stick out and emerge from the Ubuntu logo. Most are self-explanatory but it mentions all about Ubuntu, its opportunities (what you can do with it, a small brief rundown on cloud/server but not nagging the user towards it), the Community, a gaming section, and how to get involved/contribute to the project.

I want to start this as a foundation for this project, especially since Flutter/Ubuntu will be around for a while. So lets start!



Hi @itzswirlz, can you provide us a bit more of context:

  • why this concept?
  • target users
  • motivations leading to such design
  • expecte benefits
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We need a real welcome application; some flavors have it and others don’t. Now, just like the ubuntu-desktop-installer, its time to start new. Anyone who is new to Ubuntu can learn all about it; kind of like the same thing Ubuntu Budgie/MATE has (that’s our inspiration). Hopefully we can grow a stronger community, and get some more features into Ubuntu to be more welcoming instead of just gnome-initial-setup.

Hopefully I can add flavor support too (an option for it).