Ubuntu Weekly News section - revert a wiki edit?

I wish to revert a wiki edit on

where I can view the changes fine, but I don’t see any REVERT button.

Please note I’m no expert in the use of discourse; my only other usage is on Lubuntu’s where I’m staff/admin and thus likely have higher privileges.

Can this REVERT privilege be granted to Ubuntu News Team members (myself & @bashing-om are most likely to edit it), though if a problem; changes are likely to be few (except in these early days of us ‘learning’) & can be easily reverted manually.

Background (not required reading)

Up to issue 809 (the latest published issue) our work-in-progress was mainly on a google-doc; so we’re in the process of moving to this discourse.

I created the skeleton, intended as a ‘blank’ from which we can copy/create the weekly issues, with most of the page instructions being invisible (except when editing, just like wiki template before it)

I believe mods can revert: I have a revert button.

Pinging @aaronprisk, who has admin superpowers.

In the meantime, just let me know which version to revert to.

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Just the last edit (made by Billy)…

The skeleton should be VOID of dates, or articles, so back to

" 999 for the week of ### # - #, 2023."

(the 999 maybe isn’t ideal; but to me it stands out as an old PICTURE 999, me being an ex-COBOL coder)

Thanks Ian, Chris g.

Try it now.

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