Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.10 - Development

Hello people.

I am opening this topic, to start discussions on the development of Remix in the next version of Ubuntu (20.10).

To start it off, I’m making available to the development team, a wallpaper (EN and PT) in two sizes: HD (1920x1080) and Ultra HD (3264x1836):

EN (HD):

EN (Ultra HD):

PT (HD):

PT (Ultra HD):

I hope you like it, if you need something just talk.


I had forgotten to leave this information, but here it goes: these are the color codes used in the Remix logo, which I made available via text file in Google Drive:

Hey! Nice art here! What about spanish? “En construcción…

Best regards

Saliendo del horno ahora:

Versión HD (1920x1080):

Versión Ultra HD (3264x1836):

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For those who will be using the Yaru theme and the Suru icons, I adapted the logo so that it looks like the original Unity 8 Ubuntu launcher logo (now Lomiri):

You can download it from this link: