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A Test

It’d be nice to have some:

  • tutorial on how to build and test Unity (there is a wiki page, I am not sure);
  • an overview of the code (e.g. where is the code responsible for panel/dash/…?; what the hell is nux? etc).

These can’t be here. May be link to somewhere else.

Here is one place to start: Testers Wiki

and another: My Sticky

I’ll put something up in the iso testing section but not here.



I just joined the Unity team in launchpad, waiting for approval.

Please let me introduce myself:
I’m 48 yo, I’ve been doing some C++ software between 1992-2000. Then I used some web technologies (html, php, js…). Then Python with OpenERP/Odoo until today.
In 2013-14, I participated in Ubuntu Touch in the Community Design Team, invited by Alan Pope, and I made some suggestions for Calendar app.

I’m interested by this project because some customers will be disturbed by the switch to gnome shell. And I feel that the general design of Unity7/8 is a good balance between power and simplicity.

I can participate from 1h to 4 h per week. In the beginning, I can do some tests. Then I hope I’ll be able to do some code.



Hi Michel,

We have had some general discussion about this very thing and would like to have something prepared for that transition. I have inserted your name in the wiki . Please , take your time. Good to have you on board.


I would like to move the wiki to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuUnityExperience (Not Complete yet) for better discoverability. We would also need a place to track all bug fixed by us and bugs and issues to be fixed in this cycle. For that we could

  1. use above mentioned wiki
  2. Or we could use trello board like ubuntu does.



It’s fine by me. I thought we were to use community hub because it is more secure.? The wiki you have created looks very professional and is the traditional way most devs and contributors use. +1

  1. Trello has become more mainstream so there is a lot of exposure there.


The main reason I want to create moinmoin wiki because of style capability and it can expand to sub pages so a single page doesn’t become too long. It is perfect for listing all unity components along with all current maintainers (that’s what they asked in the previous technical board meeting). Though for bugs and issues trello is more suitable as the no of bugs and issues will keep increasing.

I agree . You have my support. I think we can maintain both existing pages without too much resource.


If you choose to keep it as a wiki, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuUnityExperience would probably be a more proper location. https://help.ubuntu.com is intended for user documentation and tutorials.

Right. I am moving it to wiki.ubuntu.com. Thanks.


Is there any difference between wiki.ubuntu.com and help.ubuntu.com? They appear different for the exactly same code.

They are two separate instances of MoinMoin with slightly different configuration. But AFAIK the differences are small.


Welcome @smspillaz compiz p/t consultant. :star_struck:

I’m really excited about this Unity projects.
I have created unity-desktop .org in my spare time (this is just a template). My idea to have it as the central location to get Unity DE images, documentation etc as in mate-desktop .org. I would like to get the community feedback on this since I did it without Canonical and Community approval. :sweat_smile:
And if the community is interested in this, I can add members to GitHub organization (admins etc.). https://github.com/unity-desktop/ cc: @dale-f-beaudoin


Sounds good, obviously it needs work from the template (removing various bits of Ubuntu branding and links to legacy stuff (e.g. the ‘improve this site’ link at the bottom)) but a website for Unity is a great idea :slight_smile: A separate website for the Ubuntu Unity flavor (not yet official, but the ISOs, at least) would be good too.

This is something, I was looking for for a long time, a separate website related to Unity DE and isos to be downloaded through such a website. There are lot of people, who would like Unity to stay alive. Good luck!