Ubuntu UK - Real Ale Train

Introducing our first in-person meeting in quite some time!

A somewhat traditional social gathering we haven’t done for a few years. The Real Ale Train is an old steam train pulling carriages in which people socialise and consume beer and optionally food. The ale (and hot food) can be purchased and consumed onboard or pre-ordered in advance.

The train goes back and forth on the Watercress line - a registered charity raising money to keep the line running.


Here’s a picture from their website. Don’t these people look happy!?

How to participate

  • Buy your ticket (£30) (optionally pre-buy beer and food at checkout)
  • Make your way there
  • Enjoy beer, food, and chatter with fellow UK nerds (and non-nerds)
  • Get home safely

Note: Laptops are not required to enjoy this event.


Cant wait to see folks in person again! Thanks