Ubuntu Ugly Sweater Contest and End of the Year Party!

Let’s admit it. It’s been another long year and we could all use a bit of cheer. So for the last UbuntuOnAir of 2021, let’s have a party! On 2021-12-16T18:00:00Z, wear your most festive clothes and sips and snacks - we’ll bring some live music, thanks to @arighi, and his slightly cranky robot decked out for the holidays. :tada:

And speaking of getting dressed up, we’re having an Ubuntu Ugly Sweater contest! We have an ugly sweater template and you can use it however you want. Pull it into your favorite graphics program. Print it out and color it! Or do any other mock up (3-D print! Felt! Puff paint on a sweatshirt!) to make the ugliest but most adorable Ubuntu sweater - this includes all the flavours and remixes, and Ubuntu Touch! The winning design will get its own Tweet from the main Ubuntu account and maybe, one day, will become an actual wearable sweater. Post your designs as replies to this topic, and we will vote on the best (worst?) sweater next Thursday. :trophy: