Ubuntu Software start with no internet

Hello to all,

I discovered a problem with the Ubuntu Software app, that’s kind of a real problem for me and maybe also other people.

Problem as I discovered it: Ubuntu Software is not loading the start screen right, if there is no internet connection when logging in / starting.

This is what it looks like and it’s not reloading, even with internet connection:

Can some of you confirm that problem?
Is Ubuntu Software depending on internet connection, because there is no caching or similar?

When I search for programs and apps, search is working normal. Also updates. But the explore screen is always like that, until I restart - with maybe WIFI connecting fast enough this time. And maybe also when the internet is too slow, like in the evening hours these days.

I think this problem increasingly appeared since I switched to 5GHz WIFI because of the overload of 2,4GHz in the city, but I could imagine this is a problem with a broader potential. Seems my laptop takes a few seconds to connect to the 5GHz and that’s too long, I guess.

Thanks, Stefan

GNOME Software does indeed really need an internet connection. The design (as I understand it) requires all the store and repo data to be loaded before it can draw the app catalog. I don’t believe it caches between one run and the next.

Shouldn’t there be a solution to that? Because that means that the store is hardly usable when WIFI is taking too long, or similar situations. Like reloading when Ubuntu Software is starting or a caching?