Ubuntu Software is slow

Hi guys! I recently installed Ubuntu 20.04. I haven’t used Ubuntu since Ubuntu 16.04 version was released, but I kept reading news about Gnu/Linux.
I must say that I find Ubuntu Store extremely slow. Sometimes it can’t even load any app from the selected categories.
So I decided to replace it with Gnome-Software that works pretty fine.


Can you test now and confirm that performance is on par with gnome software ?

As slow as molasses.


What are you talking about? Ubuntu Software? Gnome Software? Both?


Everything works fast on my AMD 5500U machine except the app store categories. For my browser and games, I use APT instead.

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depends on the machine where you install it… :man_shrugging:


I prefer command line instead of a GUI program. You can find any software with apt search <name> or snap find <name> and install it with sudo apt install <name> or sudo snap install <name>
apt/snap command line tool is always a good choice to manage your softwares.

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I have the same strange behaviour,
whereas my amd 5500 is fluent with all applications, except the “Ubuntu Software” app, when I launch it , it happens to display something after 10 minutes , sometimes nothing. Useless in fine.