Ubuntu Snap Store

Did anyone get their snap store revert back to the old GNOME software fork? I noticed when I installed a software this weekend that it back to the old one :frowning:


Same issue here. I think it was just reverted to the old Gnome Software application on my system after rebooting. There was a notification about a system update.

Yes, the latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 channel seems to have been reverted back to 41.3-71-g709398e at some point yesterday.

I don’t see anything that would obviously indicate a major regression in the new App Center via their recent commits - perhaps something was going wonky between it and gnome-shell 45.1? Not sure where to check on that activity though.

Yes now I have Ubuntu-software on Ubuntu 23.10 and 24.04.

This has been fixed now, anyone tracking latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 should get the correct version on the next refresh


I hope to get the update soon …I sorely miss the new store.

If you type snap info snap-store, what does the tracking: line say? If it says latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10, then you should be able to sudo snap refresh to make sure it pulls down the App Center version.

Latest stable.

If you run snap refresh snap-store --channel=latest/stable/ubuntu-23.10 that should get you back on the right track.


Thank you that worked.

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