Ubuntu Server team update - 8 July 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates of the Ubuntu Server team members from the last week. If you are interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Server area of this Discourse site.

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  • Short week (and extra catch up on Tuesday) due to Canada Day
  • Had a fix for a tmux memory leak sponsored in to bionic by @ahasenack (thanks!)
  • Preparatory meetings/work for partner visits this upcoming week
    • I’m working normally on Monday but travelling Tuesday-Friday
  • Various Jenkins job code reviews
  • Various pycloudlib code reviews
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  • fetchmail
    • Uploaded merge fetchmail_6.4.0~beta4-3ubuntu1 to eoan
  • Reviews
    • Reviewed Andreas’ apache2 merge
    • Reviewed & tested andreas’ haproxy2 merge


  • dnsmask
  • rabbitmq-server
    • Investigated how upstream inserts its version number to find a better
      fix for –version displaying %%VSN%%
    • We need guidance from upstream on how they intend for this to get updated.
  • bash
    • Pinged Halfgaar about the bash spin bug he found, to validate the SRU fix. He did so and provided a helpful script.
    • Fix is deployed to bionic

PHP 7.2 to 7.3 transition

  • Wrote a ‘ppa show’ script to dump listing of source and/or binary packages from a given PPA
  • Dumped nish’s ppa listing. I’ll use this for mechanizing uploads of php packages into a test PPA


  • kafka binary package:
    • Uploaded merge kafka_2.2.0u1-0ubuntu2.18.04.1 to the UA for Apps PPA. This is the second update for the binary package, and marks completion of the package development work on this phase of the project.
  • kafka source package:
    • Spent much of the week investigating gradle packaging in Debian, and learning how gradle- and mave-based Java packages are packaged. Reviewed Debian’s mh_make code that handles maven repositories; we’ll need an equivalent for gradle repositories, but looks like coding it should be straightforward. We have 20 packages to package for Kafka so it could pay off to have this tool available.
    • Continued manual packaging of zkclient. Got it to build successfully locally, and attempted using the maven tools to generate the packaging but of course that didn’t work.
    • Started drafting my java packaging notes into a tutorial of sorts


  • ppa-dev-tools - Finished implementation of ppa create. Most work this week focused on writing pytest test cases and mocks of Launchpad components. This script lets you create new PPAs in your personal ppa area from the command line:

    ppa-dev-tools$ ./scripts/ppa create example-ppa
    PPA ‘example-ppa’ created.

    You can upload packages to this PPA using:

    dput ppa:bryce/example-ppa <source.changes>
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  • haproxy
  • libpam-ccreds
  • ubuntu-advantage-tools upload to eoan and trusty-proposed (unapproved)
  • apache2 SRU verification #1833039
  • ruby2.3 SRU #1834072

Reviews & Sponsoring

  • CTDB
  • tmux
  • iproute2
  • landscape-client
  • rabbitmq


  1. QEMU HW mitigations support (ARCH_CAPABILITIES)
    LP: #1828495 | PPA: #1828495 | MERGE: #1828495

ARCH_CAPABILITIES features were backported to Ubuntu Bionic and a PPA was provided for public testing. We got some feedback about having the features enabled by default (instead of a public doc asking end user to enable the mitigation features whenever wanted). This is in an on-going discussion right now.

The following QEMU bug:

  1. QEMU - count cache flush Spectre v2 mitigation (CVE)
    LP: #1732622 | MR: #1732622

Worked by Christian, will be merged together - in Bionic - with the LP: #1828495 bug, since both are taking care of security mitigations.

I have also reviewed carefully the QEMU 4.0 merge proposed into Ubuntu Eoan by Christian This will be the new Ubuntu Eoan QEMU version and Christian has tested several different migration cases (from different Ubuntu versions).


  1. CTDB NFS HA Enablement
    LP: #722201 | DOC: #722201 | PPA: #722201 | MR: #722201
    Patches were accepted into Eoan, I’m working in SRU’ing this to Bionic and Disco. For that, I have proposed the same changes into Debian project in the following bugs and merge requests:
    BUG: #929931 | BUG: #931139 | MERGE REQ

  2. General (some of them really old) HA related BUGS
    In the cruse to fix issues and focus in the Ubuntu HA supported packages [main], I have reviewed, closed or addressed (to be solved) the following bugs:
    LP: #1654403 | LP: #1586876 | LP: #1557163 | LP: #1340172 | LP: #1239734 | LP: #1437368 | LP: #1437359 | LP: #768471 | LP: #453480 | LP: #1677776 | LP: #1015602 | LP: #939327 | LP: #1471056 | LP: #1251298 | LP: #1677843 | LP: #1052449 | LP: #1828223 | LP: #1825992 | LP: #1627083 | LP: #1745155 | LP: #1584629 | LP: #1412438 | LP #1172042 | LP: #1018671 | LP: #912588 | LP: #1811139 | LP: #1810844 | LP: #1809682 | LP: #1733889 | LP: #1828228
    and subscribe myself to any opened bug to Ubuntu HA core packages: libqb - corosync - cluster-glue - pacemaker - resource-agents - dlm - drbd-utils - ocfs2-tools. This means that, from now on, any bug opened to those packages will get a quicker response/investigation until we have cleared Ubuntu HA packages entirely, making sure to cover specific and documented HA setups for each of those packages.

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  • Updated branch to fix LP #1834382 Install fails without /etc/resolv.conf
  • Finishing up artifact collections for curtin SRU
  • Initial triage on LP: #1834751 ; maas 2.6 / bridge-utils not installed on Xenial


  • Put up a branch to fix help documentation referencing auth.contracts.canonical.com for getting a UA token
  • continued work on non-zero exit code from ua client if auto-enablement fails
    on any service during attach