Ubuntu Server team update - 3 September 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates of the Ubuntu Server team members from the last week. If you are interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Server area of this Discourse site.


  • Landed Exoscale datasource fix for overriding set_passwords per-instance frequency to always
  • published cloud-init to Eoan
  • re-submitted cloud-init SRU for Xenial, Bionic and Disco to include Exoscale fix cloud-init v. 19.2.24
  • OpenStack network config v2 development
  • Reviews:
    • Oracle secondary vnic mtu & ip config by @raharper
    • datasource_list parsing cleanup to handle whitespace by @raharper


  • UA premium demo: published a fix for some AWS instance types not
    surfacing /sys/hypervisor/uuid
  • UA premium demo: add trusty cloud platform detection




  • Pinged in the lua-lpeg MIR (#1546957) to move that back into main to allow for the nmap migration into eoan release, fixing bug #1840152
  • Pinged #security about CVE 2019-12900 mentioned in bug #1841281 which was thought to only affect bzip2, but turns out clamav has bzip2 code vendored and seems to be affected as well
  • ruby2.3 xenial SRU DEP8 failures investigation:
  • investigated a bit the hovercraft DEP8 failures with lxml 4.4.1, filed #1842115 in Ubuntu and #199 upstream
  • discussed php7.3 DEP8 results with team. The 7.3.8 results did not include mysql-8.0, so might be false greens.




  • review cloud-id work of andreas
  • help with php migration (php-mailparse)
  • several SRU verification for qemu / libvirt uploads
  • re-discussed intel-ipsec-mb MIR for dpdk issue in OVS 2.12 build
    • found, filed and fixed overlinking bug in dpdk
    • waiting for upstream acceptance to go into Eoan
  • rdma-core fix for Azure was unblocked and sponsor
  • analyze and file the removal for movim and its sibling packages (symfony related)


  • Redeploy/update/reconfigure some of the team’s Jenkins nodes
  • Better load distribution across the nodes
  • Reinstall the Python2 version of jenkins-launchpad-plugin while the toolset is being ported to Python3


  • Update the jobs performing our periodical boot-speed measurements across different devices and clouds to always measure the latest Ubuntu release (as in ubuntu-distro-info --latest), and update the existing measurements


  • More work towards enabling the vmtests on ppc64el
  • Next up is arm64


  • [cloud-init] Collect more logs about LP #1841182, which we are currently hitting performing the boot-speed measurements
  • [kernel/zfs] Collected and provided as much info as possible about LP #1779156
  • [cloud-init] Filed LP #1841631, which we hit rebooting our MAAS deployed Jenkins nodes.