Ubuntu Server team update - 26 August 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates of the Ubuntu Server team members from the last week. If you are interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Server area of this Discourse site.

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  • Landed MP 371461, a minor doc improvement
  • Landed MP 371403, which allows secondary VNICs in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to be configured by cloud-init!
    • This only works on Virtual Machines (not Bare Metal Machines)
    • At the moment, this requires configuration in your image/instance to enable
  • Substantial internal discussions about the future of initramfs network configuration in cloud-init
    • To summarise: nothing needs to change, but we would like to drop the “initramfs” NetworkConfigSource and merge its behaviour into the “fallback” NetworkConfigSource
    • (On an iSCSI-root system, for example, the last-resort, fallback network config should be what the initramfs wrote out, not DHCP-on-first-interface.)
  • Completed my inital dig into Dracut network configuration (my notes are here)
  • Landed MP 371673 with the initial refactoring required to introduce Dracut network configuration parsing
    • This doesn’t change any behaviour, it just moves klibc from being the source of initramfs network configuration to being a source of initramfs network configuration (albeit the only source, for now)
  • Revisited bug 1834875 to confirm that this issue doesn’t lie within cloud-init
  • Code review
  • Landed MP 371350 (see last week for details)
  • Submitted MP 371683 with minor .gitignore updates


  • Dropped building of Python 2 Ubuntu package (python-curtin) in a new upload (19.2-6-g88a1a7ec-0ubuntu1
    • Thanks once again to @raharper for sponsoring the upload
    • This required a minor change upstream (MP 371589) so that the Python 3 tests could be run without the Python 2 tests


  • No substantial UA client work this week


  • Uploaded a new upstream snapshot of simplestreams to eoan (0.1.0-25-gba75825b-0ubuntu1)
    • Thanks to @rbasak for the sponsorship!
  • Spent some time looking at dropping Python 2 from the simplestreams Ubuntu packaging
    • I have branches for this locally, but we have downstream consumers that depend on the Python 2 packages still, so we’ll do it next cycle
  • Investigated and filed a Launchpad bug that was causing our CI and autolander triggers to fail
  • On vacation next week, so won’t be back to work until after International Worker’s Day (North American Edition)
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It has been some busy days these last weeks due to Ubuntu Eoan Freeze date. From now on we are concentrating efforts in bringing needed fixes to imported / synced / merged packages that are in Eoan.

Please do test and provide feedback through Launchpad!



  • @paelzer has provided libvirt support for arch-capabilities for Eoan
  • I’m currently working in backporting this support to Disco and Bionic.

LP: #1841066 - ARCH_CAPABILITIES guest capability detection

  • @paelzer bisected QEMU for missing features done in libvirt at LP: #1828495
  • Eoan is good, I’m currently working in backporting support to Disco and Bionic (PPA)

LP: #1841457 - QEMU Eoan GCC9 warnings

  • QEMU source package can’t have .git dir or else -Werror is default.

LP: #1834522 - Bionic QEMU with Bionic Kernel hangs in AMD FX-8350 with cpu-host as pass-through

  • Ubuntu-4.15.x master tree hangs, upstream v4.16 is good (bisecting)

MySQL8 migration

@rbasak is working in MySQL8 transition for some time now, to guarantee migration from Disco→Eoan is smooth. I contributed a bit with some minor issues:



  1. dbconfig option for mysql authentication plugin
  2. mysql can’t handle empty ports in config file
  3. mysql grant fix fort no_auto_create_user
  4. mysql no_auto_create_user fixes for autopkgtest
  5. dbc_authplugin option documentation




cpuinfo and linux



  • hosted cloud-init status meeting
  • Landed ubuntu-drivers branch for setting latelink debconf value ubuntu-drivers bug LP: 1840080
  • continued development on OpenStack datasource network configuration v2
  • Published cloud-init v. 19.2-21-ge6383719-0ubuntu1 to Eoan
  • Started SRU of cloud-init (SRU process bug LP:#1841099)[https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/1841099] into Xenial, Bionic and Disco
    • Added branches for Xenial, Bionic and Disco to enable Exoscale datasource in debian/cloud-init.templates


  • Developed demo support for Ubuntu Advantage premium POC on Bionic AWS



  • initial investigation on ocfs2-tools dep8 error on arm64 and ppc64el, filed bug #1840958
  • more mojo spec work