Ubuntu Server team update - 19 August 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates of the Ubuntu Server team members from the last week. If you are interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Server area of this Discourse site.

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Interesting bugs


  • elinks DEP8 addition from Lucas
  • collectd for Christian

Re-learn mojo (ongoing…)

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(This update is also available on my blog.)


  • Landed MP 371203 to fix up some confusing variable names
  • Continued conversations about cloud-init logging to the journal
  • Landed MP 371053 to configure secondary VNICs in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    • This needs some follow-up work to actually be enabled; we’re working out the best path forward later today
  • Submitted MP 371350 to add a GitHub pull request template to inform people that we don’t use GitHub PRs for development
    • Thanks to GitHub user @max06 for this suggestion!
  • Spent some time investigating how to handle iSCSI root network configuration on systems that use dracut for their initramfs



  • Completed transition to black formatting (#705, #708, #713, #714, #717)
  • Converted a bunch of %-formatting to use .format() instead (#707, #716)
  • Fixed breaking package builds (#709)
  • Promoted mypy failures to fail the build in Travis (#706)
    • This should really have been done a while ago, it was only non-voting so that I could land the beginnings of the mypy work without breaking the build
  • Code review of #688 and #690
  • Filed #715 to capture some internal discussion about improving progress reporting in the client


  • Over the weekend, I wrote a blog post, Using multipass To Create A WriteFreely Dev VM
    • I ran into a few issues with multipass that I filed: #953, #954, #955, #957, #958
    • I need to make some changes to the blog post to reflect some of the responses to those issues, in particular switching to multipass shell to avoid #954
  • cloud-init/curtin triage on Monday/Tuesday
  • Reinstalled my laptop with encrypted root (so I can use it to work outside of the house)
  • Switched from using Synergy to using barrier
    • During setup, I accidentally configured both user accounts on my secondary machine to connect to my primary machine and discovered that this causes a memory leak



  • Reviews
    • a number of ua-client branches which move the project to use black formatter
    • .format instead %s branch bu @Odd_Bloke (PR #716)