Ubuntu Server team update - 12 August 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates of the Ubuntu Server team members from the last week. If you are interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Server area of this Discourse site.


  • samba 4.10.6, going ahead of Debian (merge proposal)
  • ldb 1.5.5 (needed by samba 4.10.6)
  • haproxy (a sync, now that our last delta was accepted by Debian: MP)


  • Helped @lucaskanashiro with his first SRU (openldap #1838370)
  • Tested samba 4.10.6 with CTDB and an NFS cluster
  • two-day bug triage (monday, and my regular one)
  • almost done with debconf19 report

Random reviews

  • corosync-qdevice, rmda-core, postgresql MRE
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  • Create ua attach-premium demo/proof-of-concept for Bionic and setup a PPA with pre-build ubuntu-advantage-tools (Issue: #704)
  • address all followup review comments on non-zero exit code during auto-enable (PR: #580), and per-series Apt key support (PR: #690)
  • Thanks @Odd_Bloke for review and landing #690
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  • Landed MP 370927 to fix bug 1838794, a doc rewrite for the cc_set_passwords module
  • Worked on and submitted MP 371053 to introduce support for configuring secondary NICs in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machines
  • Helped a couple of Debian users in #cloud-init
  • Submitted and landed MP 371090 to remove the (unused) intersphinx plugin from our Sphinx configuration
    • This was prompted by it causing occasional hangs when I was doing doc builds locally
  • Code reviews
    • Re-reviewed and landed the Exoscale data source (MP 369516)
      • Thanks to Chris Glass for iterating on this with me, and to Mathieu Corbin for the initial implementation!
    • Re-reviewed and landed SSH host key publication (MP 370348)
      • Thanks to Rick Wright!
  • Uploaded a new upstream snapshot of cloud-init to eoan including the above two changes
    • This should mean they are included in the eoan daily cloud images over the weekend
  • Discussed (in bug 1839538) the “plethora of values that are accepted” by cloud-init for true/false flags (e.g. “on”, “true”, “1”, “yes”, true are all “True” values)
    • The conclusion was that we should close that bug Won’t Fix and avoid introducing more configuration options that support the values
    • I filed bug 1839659 for discussion of a deprecation plan for the string values


  • No significant curtin work this week.


  • Proposed and landed PR #701 to drop support for authenticating with Ubuntu SSO
    • It was decided against at the UX review at last week’s planning sprint
  • Landed PR #697 fixing an issue with contracts with expiry dates
  • After internal discussion (mentioned last week), filed #700 to convert the UA client codebase to black formatting
    • Submitted PR #705 to introduce black config, and apply black formatting to the parts of the codebase that don’t have in-flight changes
  • Code reviews


  • Off on Monday for Civic Day, so some extra catch-up early in the week
  • Last week was an internal planning sprint, so more meetings than usual this week to debrief
  • I use Workrave to help manage my RSI, and definitely recommend it
  • cloud-init/curtin bug triage on Tuesday
    • Pretty light day both for bugs and CI issues

== Tuesday, August 6, 2019 ==

  • Updated python-seamicroclient and python-boto branches for review
  • Last work day, I:
    • Uploaded python-boto
    • python-seamicroclient changelog tweak, repushed for review approval
    • BugTriage manual


  • Merge for python-boto posted for review, approved, and uploaded.
  • Prepared merge of exim4 4.92-10, but since upstream has just released 4.92.1 I shifted focus to that. Merge posted for review.


  • Kafka
    • Orientation for Lucas on Kafka and java packaging
  • php 7.2 to 7.3 transition
    • Sorted out a GPG signing timeout in script, modified gpg-agent to allow infinite timeout.
    • Completed full set of builds in PPA, ready for upload, but is gated on going in after the Mysql8 transition.
    • Built list of packages that need uploaded in specific ordering, in case people need to do this while I’m on vacation.
    • Started drafting FFe, if this needs to go in post-FF
  • ppa-dev-tools
    • Troubleshooting for why ppa-wait doesn’t wait for packages to fully publish. It appears the LP API isn’t communicating this, but need to do some additional experimentation.
  • Ubuntu Maintainers’ Handbook
    • Re-sent pull request for initial set of changes, now that canonical-server has taken ownership of it.
    • Continued work on Bug Triage page, merging in information from the team wiki page. Still WIP, but just needs copyediting at this point.


  • Reviewed ldb merge for Andreas.
  • General advice for @lucaskanashiro on preparing SRUs.