Ubuntu Server is still too difficult to install

It is still too difficult to install Ubuntu Server, now that we should rely on the curtin installer.

See this link. The user had to make a detour via Ubuntu Desktop live to pre-format the drive in order to install Ubuntu Server. I have seen several similar cases.

Please make the curtin installer manage original partition tables within a wider range, so that the user need not pre-format with another tool.


I’m actually working on this right now!


Yes, I done most I know and still won’t get thru curtin-format 2 :frowning: . I have successfully installed a ubuntu desktop, and I think I will take that route in so I can host a site thru my intranet. this is really frustration. It has error on ACPI something and i turned ACPI=off in grub, and still no go.


I have a Athlon processor, 8GM or ram 1TB of hard drive. What am I missing?

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Has there been any progress on this? I have a bootable USB with Ubuntu Server 20.04.3 LTS and am seeing the issue mentioned in this thread due to partition size. Where can I find the updates to this issue or should I go with the alternative route of pre-formatting the drive into reasonable partitions (I have no idea what I should set the OS partition to without trial and error).