Ubuntu Server Guide Subcategory Order Mishap?


When the server guide was reformatted after 18.04, the order of topic subcategories was changed from order of importance to alphabetical order. I speculate this is a byproduct of the manner by which the articles were imported(?)

For instance, the section on Samba for 18.04 is ordered thus:

  • Introduction
  • File Server
  • Print Server
  • Securing File and Print Server
  • As a Domain Controller
  • Active Directory Integration

But the 20.04 version is listed thusly:

  • Introduction
  • Active Directory
  • Domain Controller
  • File Server
  • Print Server
  • Securing
  • OpenLDAP Backend

The effect on the reader can be confusing. The original guide started with basic standalone File Server configuration and proceeded into more advanced setups. Plus, even though it is the first, the Active Directory article begins by stating “Another, use for Samba is to integrate into an existing Windows network.” Aside from the grammatical error, to state there is another use indicates a prior use was stated even though there is not.

It should be noted that the 18.04 version begins with a more definitive statement: “A Samba server can be configured to appear as a Windows NT4-style domain controller.” This wording is much cleaner, imo, and does not create a dependency on an order of inclusion.