Ubuntu Server development summary - 26 June 2019

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Spotlight: Weekly Ubuntu Server team updates in Discourse

The Ubuntu Server team will now be sending weekly team updates to discourse to give a clear view of the projects, feature and bug work we are working on each week. Come see what we are up to and participate in driving Ubuntu Server changes with us. Here is our June 24 status update. Come discuss any topics of interest with us.


  • doc: indicate that netplan is default in Ubuntu now [Daniel Watkins]
  • azure: add region and AZ properties from imds compute location metadata
    [Chad Smith]
  • sysconfig: support more bonding options [Penghui Liao]
  • cloud-init-generator: use libexec path to ds-identify on redhat systems
    [Ryan Harper] (LP: #1833264)
  • tools/build-on-freebsd: update to python3 [Gonéri Le Bouder]


  • vmtests: drop skip_by_date decorators for bug 1813228 [Daniel Watkins]
  • block: Add opportunistic zkey encryption if supported [Ryan Harper]
  • vmtests: add support for CURTIN_VMTEST_APT_PROXY [Daniel Watkins]
  • vmtests: add use of CURTIN_VMTEST_ prefixed envvars to image sync
    [Daniel Watkins]

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Ubuntu Server Packages

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releases. Current status of the Debian to Ubuntu merges is tracked on
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Proposed Uploads to the Supported Releases

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Total: 10

Uploads Released to the Supported Releases

Total: 24

Uploads to the Development Release

Total: 25