Ubuntu Server Development Summary - 07 Nov 2017

Hello Ubuntu Server!

The purpose of this communication is to provide a status update and highlights for any interesting subjects from the Ubuntu Server Team. If you would like to reach the server team, you can find us at the #ubuntu-server channel on Freenode. Alternatively, you can sign up and use the Ubuntu Server Team mailing list.

Spotlight: Discontinue Classic i386 ISO

After no objection on the mailing list, the Ubuntu Server team will turn off the generation of the i386 classic ISOs beginning with the Bionic release.


  • Fix Ec2 network configuration for instances with only private ipv4 addresses (LP: #1728152)

Bug Work and Triage

IRC Meeting

Ubuntu Server Packages

Below is a summary of uploads to the development and supported releases. Current status of the Debian to Ubuntu merges is tracked on the Merge-o-Matic page. For a full list of recent merges with change logs please see the Ubuntu Server report.

Uploads to the Development Release (Bionic)

cloud-init, 17.1-27-geb292c18-0ubuntu1, smoser
libapache2-mod-perl2, 2.0.10-2ubuntu3, vorlon
libnss-ldap, 265-5ubuntu1, doko
lxc, 2.1.1-0ubuntu1, stgraber
lxcfs, 2.0.8-1ubuntu1, stgraber
lxd, 2.19-0ubuntu1, stgraber
nut, 2.7.4-5.1ubuntu1, paelzer
pacemaker, 1.1.18~rc3-1ubuntu1, nacc
parallax, 1.0.2-1, None
php7.1, 7.1.11-0ubuntu1, nacc
qemu, 1:2.10+dfsg-0ubuntu4, juliank
quagga, 1.1.1-3ubuntu1, mdeslaur
simplestreams, 0.1.0~bzr454-0ubuntu1, smoser
spice, 0.14.0-1ubuntu1, jbicha
strongswan, 5.5.1-4ubuntu3, paelzer
ubuntu-advantage-tools, 13, paelzer
websockify, 0.8.0+dfsg1-9, None
Total: 17

Uploads to Supported Releases (Trusty, Xenial, Zesty, Artful)

cloud-init, zesty, 17.1-27-geb292c18-0ubuntu1~17.04.1, smoser
cloud-init, artful, 17.1-27-geb292c18-0ubuntu1~17.10.1, smoser
cloud-init, artful, 17.1-25-g17a15f9e-0ubuntu1~17.10.1, smoser
curtin, xenial, 0.1.0~bzr532-0ubuntu1~16.04.1, smoser
curtin, zesty, 0.1.0~bzr532-0ubuntu1~17.04.1, smoser
dnsmasq, xenial, 2.75-1ubuntu0.16.04.4, paelzer
dnsmasq, zesty, 2.76-5ubuntu0.2, paelzer
docker.io, xenial, 1.13.1-0ubuntu1~16.04.2, mwhudson
golang-1.6, xenial, 1.6.2-0ubuntu5~16.04.4, mwhudson
iproute2, xenial, 4.3.0-1ubuntu3.16.04.2, nacc
juju-core, xenial, 2.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.04.1, mwhudson
juju-core, zesty, 2.2.6-0ubuntu0.17.04.1, mwhudson
libmemcached, artful, 1.0.18-4.1ubuntu1, paelzer
libvirt, artful, 3.6.0-1ubuntu6, paelzer
lxcfs, xenial, 2.0.8-0ubuntu1~16.04.1, stgraber
lxcfs, zesty, 2.0.8-0ubuntu1~17.04.1, stgraber
lxcfs, artful, 2.0.8-0ubuntu1~17.10.1, stgraber
postfix, xenial, 3.1.0-3ubuntu0.2, paelzer
postfix, trusty, 2.11.0-1ubuntu1.2, nacc
qemu, zesty, 1:2.8+dfsg-3ubuntu2.7, paelzer
quagga, artful, 1.1.1-3ubuntu0.1, mdeslaur
quagga, zesty, 1.1.1-1ubuntu0.1, mdeslaur
quagga, xenial,, mdeslaur
quagga, trusty,, mdeslaur
tgt, artful, 1:1.0.71-1ubuntu2, paelzer
ubuntu-advantage-tools, trusty, 10ubuntu0.14.04.2, slashd
ubuntu-advantage-tools, trusty, 10ubuntu0.14.04.1, sil2100
ubuntu-advantage-tools, xenial, 10ubuntu0.16.04.1, sil2100
ubuntu-advantage-tools, zesty, 10ubuntu0.17.04.1, sil2100
ubuntu-advantage-tools, artful, 10ubuntu0.17.10.1, paelzer
websockify, xenial, 0.6.1+dfsg1-1ubuntu1, corey.bryant
Total: 31

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