Ubuntu Server - Boot from USB/SSD (Rpi)

Hi, is there any news on support for Boot from USB/SSD using Ubuntu Server 20.4/10?
From my understand Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 supports it directly out of the box, but it isn’t the same for the Server.

I’ve tried every workaround, guide and flashing/updating eeprom, but still unable to boot via USB without and Micro SD Card.

There is an on-going thread, and many others on the Raspberry Pi forums, with many using having the same issue.

Would be great if more clarification was provided, thanks.

this works since a long time … note though that some SSDs and most HDDs will need an extra power supply (via Y-Cable)

also note that there isnt really any difference between 20.10 desktop and server in this regard … (20.04 might not have all bits and peices though)