Ubuntu server 18.04 terminal simulation


linux newbie here and need your experts’ advice.

after i installed the server (18.0.4), i have some issues with terminal simulation. because i use black as background (with yellow characters) for terms on my mac, so when i ran ssh into the server (on a old HP server), tried to use vim to configure .profile and i could not see low case characters (in vim, those low case characters are black), but i can see up case characters (yellow) with vim. also with vim, up case characters (yellow) always show up with underlines under them, but there were no underlines when i use “cat .profile” or “less .profile”

just fyi, from console, the $TERM is “linux”, from the remote access, the $TERM is “vt100”.

are there any ways i can change terminal simulation with ssh so that it would behave exactly like i login as console? right now it seems that large part of default .bashrc not being used by ssh session. i meant the change should be only for ssh session only. i am thinking about put something in .ssh/rc or /etc/ssh/sshrc so that it would only affect ssh session.

tried to set “export TERM=linux” manually after i logged into the ubuntu server but didn’t work since my local term is vt100.

This site isn’t setup for support, so I’d suggest using a Ubuntu Support site which can be found with https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712