Ubuntu Security Podcast EP 48 Feedback

For Ubuntu 20.04 i would like to have:

  • encrypted home-directories back
  • guest-accounts back (maybe default to off)
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Thanks for the ideas - encrypted home dirs has been superseded by LUKS full-disk encryption so I wonder what use-case you have in mind for this that FDE does not already accomplish?

Guest sessions have been discussed a bit in the past - see Guest sessions in 18.04 LTS - are they needed? and Brain dump on guest session progress for the history - I believe the progress for this is being tracked on launchpad if you want to follow along.

  • booting the computer without entering the keys
  • guest login without keys
  • multiple persons using one computer without sharing keys
  • having separately encrypted accounts like private, work, NGO …
  • full disk encryption only works when the computer is off and not when it’s hibernating

There are people that find guest sessions useful, it’s not just me :slightly_smiling_face: