Ubuntu Recovery installation partition

The title is a placeholder, I don’t actually have a good name for it.

I was wondering with the new installer and all, would it be possible to create an Ubuntu Live partition during the installation process for the purpose of troubleshooting and recovery without the need for Ubuntu Live USB if something goes wrong?

This would solve a few problems:

  • the need for a secondary machine to create a Live USB
  • the need for a Live USB
  • the need for the unlocked BIOS/UEFI

This would be exposed in grub as as Ubuntu Recovery or something similar. So if you accidentally break your system or an update does it or whatever, it would be a trivial thing to boot into recovery system and fix the main one either by running the recovery tool from the installer or manually if you know how. It would also help in cases when you just want to back up your data and reinstall the whole system. It would provide a (in many cases) a nice GUI way for getting your system back up and running since you can access all the recovery GUI tools even if your main system is broken.

It should take up less space than a secondary installation otherwise you can just install Ubuntu 2 times on the same machine next to each other.

I know most people here probably carry around live USB with them all the time but users don’t. This might be their only machine or they don’t have a spare USB or can’t backup data from USB first so they can’t create a live usb. This would solve all of that.

Would this be useful to you? How many people are here wishing this was available?