Ubuntu Quality


The Quality team is the oil that lubricates the cogs of the engine that is Ubuntu. As a team, we help ensure that the work of many different teams is showcased in a good way. The Quality team believe things should “just work” when someone chooses one of our flavours or one of the applications available from the archive.

If you are new to the Ubuntu community, Quality is a great place to start. You will experience and interact with many different teams that Quality liaise with. We will encourage you to follow your interests and participate in these different teams that make Ubuntu “happen”.

As a member of the team you can choose when and how to be involved. Team members write testcases, execute tests, report bugs, give instructional presentations, and encourage best practices for Quality. Much of the work is driven from the same release schedule everyone else is driven by; however, testing activities are flexible enough to allow participation from anyone — the skills you need can be learned while participating.

Get Started

First of all, welcome to the team! Please subscribe to the Ubuntu Quality mailing list and join the Launchpad QA Team. You’ll want to have a look at the getting involved section of the wiki to help you get started.

Members of the team perform different roles. If you are new to QA, check out the tester role. If you have technical skills, the developer or test writer role might also be of interest. You can see the full list of different team roles and activities available on the wiki.

Most activities can be done at any point in the cycle, so get started today by choosing a role and subsequent activity. Happy Testing!


  • The Ubuntu QA Team wiki contains more information about the team and walkthroughs to help you get started.

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