Ubuntu-PT Focal Fossa Release Party

For the last five years the Portuguese LoCo has been meeting IRL once every single month. This month will be the fist time that will not happen for a very long time. However besides we liking to spend time with our Ubuntu friends, we can’t let it come to pass a brand new Ubuntu release, specially an LTS release. Therefore we have decided for some time to do an online event.

Because fortune favours the bold, one of our friend communities with which we have great relations here in Portugal, the National Association for free Software (Asssociação Nacional para o Software Livre - ANSOL), invited us to join them this Thursday the 23 to do an online event.
Together we agreed that it should be something fun, that would be a special fit for the circumstance, therefore we decided that playing an online game would be cool and fun.

So our release party, in partnership with ANSOL will be an online session of our communities playing SuperTuxKart, on a server we setup for the purpose.

Details here if you want to join, however this is an event for Portuguese speakers, so take that into consideration.

I personally recommend to other LoCo team to try to keep in contact with its fellow members, and try to do some fun online activities.


For the last month the Arizona LoCo has been holding our Ubuntu Hours and Linux Workshops on line using a team server. Great idea about the game.