Ubuntu Pro - FAQ

Livepatch latest kernel support is for
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64-bit x86 6.5 (HWE)

I am using
Ubuntu Noble Numbat (development branch) Linux 6.8.0-11-generic

When will 24.04 LTS get Livepatch support?

Most likely when it turns into an actual LTS with its .1 release…

But also surely not before the actual release date.

Thank you Lech! One more if I may, if I have 10 vsphere hosts running say like 200 ubuntu vm’s of compatible versions. Then the 10 physical licenses cover all of those?
I encountered an issue recently where we purchased what I thought was 10 vmhost/physical licenses which actually turned out to be 10 individual vm licenses. It’s a very long and drawn out ordeal. Suffice to say the waters being so murky with what exactly to buy and then exactly how to employ licenses to cover my situation. I felt it best to shotgun the question out (so to speak).

Is there any documentation and information how Ubuntu Pro works with selfhosted Landscape server? We have both servers that have internet access and those that does not. Our goal is to have our selfhosted landscape server to handle all the ubuntu repos, pro repos and the pro licens reporting, so we dont need any proxy/internet access for the servers, only access to our selfhosted landscape server that have internet access, is this a possible senario?

what if I need to enable Ubuntu Pro on multiple VMs with Ubuntu Server on an IaaS environment (VMware based, but not a Public Cloud) where I don’t have any control on the nodes (and there are a lot)?

I cannot for sure buy a node license for each node managed by my cloud provider…
And I only have visibility of my VMs and I cannot specify any rule to bind those VMs to a bunch of specific nodes.

Is it possible to buy licenses per single VMs?