Ubuntu O/S and the best ubuntu book for in-depth reading

Hello everyone,

I have decided guys that the operating system i would like to use for today’s computer and operating experience would be ubuntu for many reasons as the adapt command line structure and also the way it lets me build my own system based on what i prefer and the freedom of linux now saying that and having a taste i quite like it plus i like the freedom it also offers but the problem is with being only a learner or new to linux i would like to find a in depth book on the operating system or perhaps a few so i can familiarise myself with it which i am sure i will have to read one being the operating system and also the command line structure if i am to use it as my main source of operating system and internet communication i hope that i would find writing the post that you all perhaps guessing would have knowledge of in hoping that you could perhaps recommend a book or two on the best knowledge of the operating system and also the command line structure.

Thanks guys for taking the time to read the post. !

Hi @pete.the.noob you perhaps missed the notification when you registered that this site is not intended for support or tutoring requests. Sorry.

Our support channels, listed at https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712 , are full of skilled volunteers ready to offer a hand and good advice.