Ubuntu Noble Numbat testing images

As you may already know, Ubuntu Noble Numbat is scheduled to be released in late April. To help you prepare, we are publishing early builds for testing on AWS as public AMIs.

Here is how you can get the latest daily:

aws ec2 describe-images --output json \
--filters "Name=name,Values=ubuntu/images-testing/hvm-ssd-gp3/ubuntu-noble*" \
--query 'sort_by(Images, &CreationDate)[-1].{Name: Name, ImageId: ImageId, CreationDate: CreationDate, Owner:OwnerId}'

:warning: Always check the image owner. Canonical’s ID is 099720109477 in the commercial regions

You can also test with Mantic Minotaur, or 23.10, which introduced the following changes in the AWS AMIs:

  • Separate 1GB boot partition in all Ubuntu 23.10 cloud images
  • Minimal images use the new Minimal Ubuntu cloud seed, resulting in fewer packages (from 426 to 288) and reduced image size.
  • The default volume type is now GP3 instead of GP2. See the official AWS documentation for more details on the different volume types.