Ubuntu merchandise / store?

The new and exciting release of Ubuntu 23.10 is here within hours now but we can’t no longer celebrate (and at the same time support Ubuntu) by merch!

Why is this? There used to be a swag store with amazing orange mugs, t-shirts, caps, pens… People loved these and i think the most popular Linux needs a swag shop back.

In plans for the upcoming?



I would very much love for this to exist, and we’ve been having discussions about this. Technically it is probably super quick to set up, conceptually and process wise there are unfortunately some hurdles. I will be discussing this at Canonical’s in-person event around the Ubuntu Summit and hope to have a good answer afterwards :slight_smile:


Oh dear, I used to be a regular visitor at the old Ubuntu-Mall online, and I still, to this very day, own 2 out of my old collection of Ubuntu merch items.

Folks around the globe would love to have again that old Ubuntu merch store experience (sure, with new design for our current web - and 'Buntu-era, in a new jacket, but with such a great selection of items).

I would love to buy new design mugs, t-shirts, fleece jacket, mouse, mouse pad, pendrives, cap, etc…

Please! :hugs:


Active LoCos used to be able to obtain Ubuntu pins, stickers, and install media for their Installfests, workshops, and other events. We no longer have this perk. Can it be once again be activated. It came in handy to pass out at gatherings especially Ubuntu Hours where we are meeting people who do not use any Linux distribution. Just a thought.

Active LoCos still have these perks, though the process is unfortunately a bit more manual at the moment. Can you get in touch with either me or @aaronprisk via DM? Have you or anyone else from the AZ loco been involved with the loco rebooters program?

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I have not been involved with the LoCo rebooters program and to my knowledge no one from the Arizona LoCo has either. (Just talked to the Team leader to confirm that.)

Then let’s fix that :slight_smile: I’ll reach out via DM.

I do know that some of the individual flavors have their own merch stores. Here’s a list:

Ubuntu Budgie
Ubuntu MATE
Ubuntu Studio

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Amazing reply! Now that the Ubuntu Summit 23 is past, i wonder if there happened any clarity on the Ubuntu Store revival :smiley: in the time of Spring next year it would be most fantastic to also have that store back OMG.

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Well now that the winter has come I would love me some hoodie! Crossing fingers for that to happen :smile:

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I used to love the Merch Store. Would always be my first visit after installing a new release. I have caps / tshirts and a lanyard all purchased from the old Merch Store. Wish I’d bought an ubuntu notebook before it closed.

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I wonder why it was closed in the first place. I would love to order that backpack for example. And an orange mug. And…


If I remember correctly, it was a cost vs benefit issue and the upkeep just wasn’t worth the cost. I could be misremembering though. I believe it closed in 2018 or 2019.


Wondering if there will be this revival of Ubuntu Merch Store with the next month’s release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS :thinking:

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We won’t have something for 24.04, but we’re working out what it might take to get this ready at a later date :slight_smile: Fingers crossed!


This now made me for one quite anxious. I can’t wait to get ordering all that sweet orange Ubuntu stuff :crazy_face:

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While you wait for the orange, get some red/blue/gray/green gear and support the flavors!


Now with 24.04 LTS released for some time, i’m so curious on what you said. Any news would be great :hugs:

Lubuntu’s store is back up and running again.


Here’s the direct link https://lubuntu.creator-spring.com/?

Also looks like there is -20% off with code right now!