Ubuntu Members now have a flair!

Hi folks,

Through a related discussion recently I noticed there is no actual group on discourse for Ubuntu Members. I thought this would be a lot more complicated, but I’ve found an easy way to get it done: People who have a verified ubuntu.com email in their discourse account will now automatically be part of Ubuntu members - Ubuntu Community Hub . If you want to change your primary group that indicates the flair, you can do so in your profile.

As a next step I’m going to work out an SSO sync for this so the group will be more up to date, but already having a starting point is super.

Curious about being an Ubuntu Member? Check out https://ubuntu.com/community/membership



I should also be on the list of members… but strangely I don’t see myself

Hey Carlin, yes, you should be on the list. Could you try one of these options:

  1. logging out and logging in again
  2. Making your ubuntu.com email your primary email
  3. Removing and re-adding your ubuntu.com email

If all of those don’t work I can fix it manually for now. At latest when I have the SSO sync set up then the first option should work for everyone.

I tried all 3 options but it didn’t work

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Alright, took care for now :slight_smile:

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hello good evening! I’m not on the list. :frowning: I am doing something wrong??

I’m not on the list, either (yet). Maybe we should just wait for the sso sync to be implemented.


En tu perfil cambias el correo principal a tu correo @ubuntu.com
Revisa y confirmas
Luego de confirmado estarás en la lista


Now yes, I was able to with the help of everyone, and Naudy, thank you all!!


That’s great, well done!

I don’t think the circle is centered correctly. The logo seems to be a pixel or two off-center to the left.

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If you center it by pixel dimensions, it will look even less centered. This one is visually centered, however I suspect everyone has a slightly different eye for what is “visually centered”. It is however not quite #e95420 for some reason, I’ve fixed that. For anything beyond that I’ll need to defer to a designer :slight_smile: