Ubuntu Matrix homeserver: Go Live

Ubuntu Matrix homeserver: Go Live

Even if formally we are in testing phase until the release of Ubuntu 24.04, today the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver reached a state in which we can consider it live. I can confirm that there will not be a server wipe at the end of the Ubuntu 24.04 cycle, and you can all keep enjoying the Matrix instance.

Features and milestones achieved:

Thank you!

There is still a lot of work to do, but I want to take a moment to thank the Ubuntu community for their great effort and dedication to this project. Thank you for engaging with us, getting involved, posting your concerns and doubts about the platform, pushing us to get better together.

Special thanks to:

  • Everyone that contributed to the initial feedback post over the last few months
  • Everyone in the Ubuntu Matrix Ops room for their continuous engagement: #matrix-ops:ubuntu.com
  • The KDE community for their help, especially regarding IRC bridging
  • The Fedora community for their engagement and support
  • The Matrix community, which provided a welcoming environment and a lot of good advice
  • Canonical IS DevOps and Launchpad team for their great work
  • Canonical Technical Authors for getting us started with our documentation.
  • And finally, did I mention the Ubuntu Community? I guess I already did, but I want to do that again! Thank you all, it is exciting and humbling to work with such a passionate and dedicated community.

Get Involved

If you just found out about this project, you can read more about it on this Discourse thread, and of course, you can now join our Ubuntu community from any Matrix federated server.
If you want to get involved, you can do so on the Ubuntu Discourse, Matrix Ops room #matrix-ops:ubuntu.com or on our GitHub repo: https://github.com/canonical/synapse-operator/issues


Thank you and the team for all the hard work on this. Thank you also for giving the UK LoCo a matrix room on the ubuntu server, much appreciated.