Ubuntu Matrix Council Meeting Reports

The Ubuntu Community Council has decided to create a temporary Matrix Council to provide leadership to the Ubuntu Matrix Project while it is getting started.


The council consists of 5 members.

  • Marc Gilligan, Ubuntu Matrix operations
  • Mauro Gaspari, Canonical community team
  • Merlijn Sebrechts, Ubuntu Community Council
  • Nils Büchner, Ubuntu Matrix operations
  • Seth Arnold, IRC Council

The council’s term is limited until 2024-04-01. After this date, a newly elected “regular” Matrix Council will take over.

Matrix Council responsibilities

The scope of this council is strictly Matrix-related. Any cross-platform decisions such as potential bridges to IRC will be decided together with the other relevant councils. A number of important topics are on the agenda.

  • Defining moderation policies for Matrix
  • Bootstrapping a moderators team
  • Defining processes for room creation, admin privileges, media handling, etc.
  • Proposing a process to elect the “regular” Matrix Council

Ubuntu Matrix Council Meeting Notes

The Ubuntu Matrix Council meets on a regular basis. If you want to keep up to date with the latest meeting reports, you can find them on the Ubuntu Discourse

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