Ubuntu HPC Meetings Notes: 2024/2/28

Meeting participants:

@nuccitheboss, José Julián Espina, @jamesbeedy, Jaime F. de Souza, Jeffery Borck, Quinn

Open OnDemand snap

  • Gave update on current progress around the development of the snap package.
    • Apache is running and all the dependencies are building! Can talk to the server after the embedded Apache service is started from within the snap.
    • Currently sorting out configuration issues with the update-ood-portal utility. The default Apache configuration template does not support setting custom directories for where it is stored.
    • Very close to providing an OOTB experience that provisions Open Ondemand all the way up to needing to configure OpenIDC.


  • Began work on from_dict and from_json alternative constructors for building Slurm configuration objects.
    • Hoping to have work completed soon, but most attention is towards SCaLE 21x at the moment.

slurmctld-operator config gathering changes

  • Conversation on how we can improve configuration management for the slurmctld-operator. Currently configuration information is coming from several dispersed locations.
    • Debated whether we want to add an option that allows an administrator to load in custom configuration or to set strict options to choose from. Want to implement something that strikes a balance between support the most users possible, but not introducing too much complexity for us to manage in the code.

Getting Involved

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