Ubuntu HPC Meeting Notes: 2024/2/21

Meeting participants:

@nuccitheboss, @billy-olsen,
José Julián Espina, @jamesbeedy, Tucker Beck, Cory Bloor, @arif-ali, @ilvipero

Spack snap

  • Working with upstream to get Spack to be a verified publisher on the Snap Store. Relicensed the snap package to Apache-2.0 OR MIT to maintain compatibility with GPL2. All Spack-related projects follow this licensing structure.

Slurm snap

  • Slurm snap is now publicly listed on the Snap Store under user “Ubuntu High-Performance Computing.”
  • Created a 23.11 track for the 23.11 series of Slurm releases.
  • Granted requested aliases for Slurm and MUNGE. MUNGE is the authentication service that is commonly bundled with Slurm.
  • Slurm snap was transferred to Charmed HPC GitHub organisation.
  • Call for testing on Slurm snap is still open.


  • slurmutils package was transferred to the Charmed HPC GitHub organisation.
  • Several feature requests currently being discussed via GitHub actions:
    • Add editor for acct_gather.conf.
    • Add editor for oci.conf.
    • Add editor for cgroup.conf.
  • slurmutils will eventually replace the slurm-ops-manager package.

Open OnDemand

  • Resuming work on the snap package for Open OnDemand. Progress will be published to the main branch of the ondemand-snap repository on the Charmed HPC GitHub organisation.
  • Snap installation seems easy enough, but suspicious that it’s not going to be that easy.
  • Apache needs access to sudo so it can kickoff nginx as a specific user. This nginx is then used to proxy back running applications to the user such as virtual desktops and Jupyter server.


  • Discussion around how to handle recent node departures? Want to get away from having to iterate over all available nodes in the cluster to determine which compute node went away. Possible implementation has not been agreed upon yet.
  • James to open discussion on slurmd-operator repository proposing adding a node-config action for setting individual compute node configuration.

Getting Involved

The next Ubuntu HPC community is next Wednesday, February 28th, at 17:30 UTC over Jitsi. Want to get involved or just generally interested in our community? Join our Matrix server!