Ubuntu & Google Season of Docs

I just noticed the timeline on Google Season of Docs and wondered if Ubuntu was planning to take part?


The deadline to apply is 2nd April.


Hello @popey! Thanks for this - we’ve discussed getting involved at various points in the past, but not since starting the Academy. I think it’s something we’d really like to be involved with - but probably in a year’s time if we can maintain our current momentum. Things are going well, but we should be in a much better place in a year, and have a more established (and professional!) process for helping people get involved.


I have already participated in the Google Season of Docs as mentoring organization, OpenPrinting, one time, many years ago. I wanted to apply again the following year, but they changed the program. In the year where I participated, technical authors got their stipends directly from Google, as contributors to the Google Summer of Code do. So the organization does not need to handle money, does not need to deal with contracting legislation, … The year after, Google changed to pay the full budget to the mentoring organization and the organization has to hire the technical authors as contractors and pay them. So they have to deal with legislation, taxes, international hiring, … This turned me away and I stopped participating. Especially also OpenPrinting is not an association which has money to work with.

Therefore the Open Documentation Academy is a great alternative for most free software projects, as it is much easier and less bureaucratic.