Ubuntu GNOME Shell in Artful: Day 15

From https://didrocks.fr/2017/10/16/ubuntu-gnome-shell-in-artful-day-15/ :slight_smile:

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Didrocks is doing an amazing job here! I must have written this on all of the 15 blog posts, but I really hope he will keep writing these posts for the 18.04 cycle.


Yay! That green buttons look awesome!
I switched to ambiance again since the latest changes.
However! There is a minor issue with the green buttons in simple scan! The green overlaps in that combobox “scan”.
Thanks for your work!Bildschirmfoto-20171017100606-674x515


It’s probably too late for that now, but I really think that the clock should be moved to the right, when looking at the screenshots with maximized applications:


Due to the always visible dock on the left the window title and the clock aren’t centered around the same point. Looks off IMHO.

Besides that: Really great work! Especially fixing GNOME Shell’s font rendering on Wayland - always bugged me.

Yeah, you’re not the first to mention that… Bug #1716432 “With dash to dock enabled, title in window is not ...” : Bugs : gnome-shell package : Ubuntu

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It really helps keeping the motivation writing those :slight_smile: I plan to keep posting on 18.04, even if we are going to see fewer changes of course, so probably a little bit less posts and not the same cadence, but at least, keeping posted about the advancement of the development cycle.

Yeah, I saw that issue recently and need to find time to debug it. However, I don’t think we have a bug report for it yet, do you mind filing/finding one against ubuntu-themes on launchpad? Thanks!

Indeed, I’m unsure that the perfect answer is to move the clock on the right though. We could try at first (in the next dev cycle) to keep it centered for people using intellihide and move it from the dock size / 2 to get it centered with maximized application title bar and see how it goes. I guess it worths a shot (and the fix shouldn’t be too complex from a 1000 feets-before-I-look-at-the-code)! :wink:


Allrighty: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-themes/+bug/1724178

Thanks in advance! I attached two screenshots, the second with gtk-inspector which should show the affected button

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Excellent! Thanks :slight_smile:

Excellent write up. I have enjoyed all the posts related to artful. Looking forward to the release and more insider info for upcoming 18.04 from you!

Didier, many thanks for your excellent series of blog posts on Artful development! It was a great pleasure to read them. I can’t wait to see the continuation in the next development cycle :slight_smile:

For now, will you please kindly have a look at this bug report

To my mind, this is a serious UX fault since a browser is obviously one of the most frequently used apps in any OS and such annoying behavior can drive any non-English speaking user mad. Thank you in advance.

I too just wanted to say thanks for these write ups.

Even though I am not a Windows user, I remember following the Windows 7 development blogs. It gave a lot of insight into what they cared about, and the problems they had to solve. And I think it led to really strong Win7 adoption among their technical community (like IT admins).

I feel your doing the same great work for Artful here. I have really appreciated the insights into the work and thought that has gone into this release, and I’m selfishly putting down a +1 for future release blogs!

Thanks for all the hard work,


Thanks to all of you for this feedback! Really appreciated as keeping motivating to do something similar for next cycle! :slight_smile:

CCing @oSoMoN on that one as he’s our firefox maintainer.

Is the green button suppose to be for every application? I use Easytag to put ID3 tags for my MP3 files. One of the thing I like to do is add album art for old MP3 files that I have ripped 10+ years ago. As I was going through doing this the other day I noticed the ‘Open’ button was not Green and blended into the header bar. Please see attached image.

i just wanna say ive been using ubuntu 17.10 and its been so great that ive completely discarded mac os high sierra for this on my new macbook sure it dosent have siri or cortana but ubuntu has been the greatest everyday os on all my desktops


It doesn’t seem you are using the default ubuntu theme (ambiance), where this is implemented, seeing the blue selection and folder icons. This is attached to the theme, and so, depending on which one your are using.

Thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hello didrocks,

Yes I am use default, for whatever reason it came out blue in the screenshot, is that because of wayland? Let me try again. With screenshot tool (default installed one) orange turns blue, but when I use print screen button on my keyboard it is captured properly. (new image attaced)

Ah, it’s indeed a bug I’ve already seen :slight_smile: Sorry for the confusion, you are thus using default theme :slight_smile:

So, it means that EasyTag has their own “open” dialog . If they used the standard GTK one, the button would be styled appropriately. I think you can request upstream to either use the standard GTK dialog or to add the “suggested-action” class to the open button, so that themes respecting those (default Adwaita GNOME theme, ambiance…)