Ubuntu GNOME in Artful: Day 16

Today is about flavors, sessions and upgrade experience!



Your blog posts have completely changed my mind about moving back to Gnome from Unity.

Great work!


Thanks so much for this series, it has been interesting and useful.

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If I apt remove unity-session won’t this break my system?

No, it won’t. If you want to remove all dependencies from it that were installed automatically and you don’t need, run as well apt autoremove.

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As mentioned in your blog, would Unity session be considered as a part of Ubuntu or as something that’s not?

It’s part in the ubuntu archive, that’s why you can install it as I mentioned on my blog post. However, it’s in universe, and not in main. You can find here some askubuntu.com question on the difference between those pockets: https://askubuntu.com/questions/58364/whats-the-difference-between-multiverse-universe-restricted-and-main

I understand that unity-session is in the universe and the difference from main and universe repos, but my question is would Unity-session be considered as a part of Ubuntu, just as Gnome-session, or would install running only Unity session be considered as a distro outside Ubuntu, just as a distro based on Ubuntu?

Its not a question of, if Unity session would be maintained, looked after etc, but whether we can consider Unity as a part of Ubuntu.

The 3rd picture in your blog had Ubuntu, Gnome and Unity as sessions. If you’d uninstall both Ubuntu and Gnome, you are with Unity. What would you call such an install/distro? Would it be a non-Ubuntu distro, but just based on Ubuntu?

There isn’t such a name, it’s like any other DE part of the ubuntu archive but not having an official ubuntu flavor installing it as a default (and there are plenty of them ;))

So, I don’t think there is even a need for a name, people just install the Unity session on Ubuntu :slight_smile:

Okay. Its a part of Ubuntu, not something outside Ubuntu. Thank you for creating Unity and hope you’d keep an eye on it. There are lot of people who still like it and would like to use it. Gnome-shell is generally found everywhere, but Unity is/had been Ubuntu specific. I am talking about Unity 7, not Unity 8.