Ubuntu-frame display scale breaks touchscreen

I am building an interactive touch display using ubuntu-frame and wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk. I cannot modify the scale of the rendered HTML application, but I can scale the ubuntu-frame display using:

$ snap set ubuntu-frame display="
    - card-id: 0
        scale: 2.0

Unfortunately, this breaks touchscreen - some occasional touches are still registered (i.e., some lists are scrolling), but the UI is completely unusable. Input via keyboard and mouse works as usually, but not via touch.

The same behavior persists if I pass a full display config to snap set ubuntu-frame display=... with only the scale modified from snap get ubuntu-frame display.

Please help.


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Hi @Sylwah,

yes, we are aware there is a problem with the (lack of) configuration for touchscreen and other input devices in Mir (which is used by Ubuntu Frame). Unfortunately for you, this isn’t currently a priority for us to fix. Here are a couple of the related reports:



Understood, thank you Alan. Given the age of the original bug you opened, it sounds like it might be a while until it gets resolved.

It might be a while, but needn’t be:

  1. It is an open source project, so anyone that cares enough about the problem is welcome to submit a pull request. And,
  2. having established the core functionality of Ubuntu Frame, the Mir team at Canonical have been addressing a variety of more specialised cases over the last year.

I can’t promise that input configuration will be addressed “soon”, but it is certainly possible.